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Inspired by the replenishing care of our NIVEA Q10 Power range, we asked some of our favorite creators to write a note to their younger selves.

Dear Younger Self...

If you could reverse time, what words of empowerment would you give your younger self? We posed the question to a group of amazing women who’ve grown into successful creators, and the themes of kindness, confidence, and self-care rang loud and clear. 
Bahar using NIVEA Q10

Taking time to take care

“Pssst… young Bahar…come here for a sec…

If you can see this, don't be surprised. The TV shows, the social following, the makeup, the hair, the ‘glamour’ shots — it's all you, just grown up. 

As much as all this stuff looks fun, keep in mind that those lights turn off. The makeup comes off. And at the end of the day, you're left with who you really are — and that is what matters. It always will. 

So, take the time to take care of the skin you're in, because it's 100% YOU. Nourish it during the day with laughter to earn those wrinkles, and comfort it at night with a facial oil. The NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Age Triple-Action Facial Oil is what I use now at 40 to help keep it as firm as I can, and to give me a few extra minutes to myself during my end-of-day routine.”

- Bahar Niramwalla


A smile is always beautiful

“To the young Mitsou, I would say, “pouting for a picture is fine, but you can smile sometimes, it's free!”. I was afraid that when I smiled for pictures people could see the blackheads on my chin... 

Today, I smile pretty much all the time. When you take good care of your skin, beautiful things can happen... even as you grow older! That's what I would say to my younger self. What about you?”

- Mitsou Gélinas


Mitsou using NIVEA Q10

Sheridan using NIVEA Q10

It won’t be easy but it will be beautiful

“Sometimes I think back to young Sheridan and I wish I could give her a hug. A big mama bear hug. I think about how much she cared about what other people thought of her, how badly she wanted to fit in — and I feel for her. 

I wish I could give her a few words of wisdom and tell her that becoming an adult, and a woman, isn’t going to be an easy road. But my goodness, it is beautiful. 

Thankfully, I can use products like Q10 Power Anti-Age Triple Action Facial Oil. Enriched with the goodness of argan oil that will help replenish my skin’s moisture barrier, it’s something I use daily.”

- Sheridan Ingalls


Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’

“Dear younger are worthy, you are smart, you are brave, you are beautiful, you are powerful and you are amazing. 

Don’t second guess yourself, don’t hold back on life because you’re worried about what others may think. 

Eat the cake. Wear the two-piece bathing suit. Be free in your laughter, strong in your boundaries and don’t be afraid to say “no”. Let people know the real you and always be your unabashed self.”

- Kaitlin Hargreaves


Kaitlin using NIVEA Q10

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