Black & White Invisible Spring Mist Dry Spray

Black & White Invisible Spring Mist Dry Spray

150 ml


Antiperspirant Care
Deo protection
All skin types
  • Effective 48h odour & antiperspirant protection
  • Protects against white marks on black clothes and yellow stains on white clothes
  • Convenient spray format with a quick-dry effect
  • No drying alcohol
  • Dermatologically tested

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Stay dry and protected for 48H with NIVEA Black & White Invisible Spring Mist Dry Spray! 5-in-one protection: Not only does our dry spray keep white marks and yellow stains in check, it also fights against odour, sweat, and irritation. Plus, this NIVEA antiperspirant spray contains no drying alcohol so your underarms stay soft and smooth with a clean, fresh scent.


Not for intimate use. Avoid spraying in eyes and direct inhalation. Do not use on broken skin. Discontinue if rash or irritation develops. Contents under pressure. Do not place in hot water or near radiators, stoves or other sources of heat. Do not puncture or incinerate container or store at temperatures over50°C. Do not use in presence of open flame or spark. Keep out of reach of children.

Item Number 88674 (88674-05500-28)

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Excellent (55 Ratings)
Review Panel Member
Spring Fling
Received this #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox in exchange for my honest review. So I have not used a spray for a long time and was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness and ease of use. I sprayed under my arms for less the then recommended 15 seconds probably 5 seconds and ample product came out. It was light, clean and refreshing smelling just like spring! It dried extremely fast not wet underarms or stains on any clothing. Most importantly it Provided lasting protection through the day even through a heavy seat session at the gym! Thanks #topbox

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I got this antiperspirant to try for free from #topboxcircle #tryforfree for a review. I found that this stuff make me stay dryer for longer than the others. Easy to use not sticky dries pretty fast. I will be buying again thanks for letting me try this out.

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Review Panel Member
Nothing special
I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I noticed it caused some irritation and a burning sensation when I used it. Thought maybe it was because it was the first time using it, but noticed that it consistently burned whenever I applied it. It didn't stop sweat any better than my other similar brands. Will admit that it didn't leave any streaks behind on my clothes. Probably won't purchase #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

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How to


Shake well before use


Hold can 15cm from the underarm and spray.