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3 Steps to Help Combination Skin

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Combination skin is typically characterized by a contrasting mix of oily and dry areas, and our NIVEA Essentials range includes a special moisturizer for combination skin that addresses both these challenges at the same time. Here are some other ways to improve your routine.

Cleanse + Tone

Remove oil & prevent the buildup of impurities with an anti-shine formula like Purifying Cleansing Gel, and gently exfoliate with Purify Rice Scrub Combination Skin. For make-up removal, try refreshing Biodegradable Wipes, and complete your routine with Purifying Toner to keep skin looking healthy & beautiful.



Try a 24H intensive moisturizer for combination skin like this Mattifying Day Cream enriched with aloe vera and natural magnolia extract to reduce shine + mattify the look of skin in oily areas.

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Get into a daily habit of cleansing + rehydrating with help your skin stay moisturized.

More tips for combination skin

Take extra care of your “t-zone”
The area of your face between your chin, nose, and forehead is what is known as the “t-zone” and unfortunately, it’s one of the most problematic areas — especially for those with combination skin. The best solution? Using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t make your skin feel dry or taut, followed by a special moisturizer for combination skin that helps reduce shine, like this Mattifying Day Cream with SPF 15.

Everyday ways to help combination skin
Beyond using the right skincare products designed specifically for your complexion, you can make some other little changes to your lifestyle that will help your combination skin thrive:

- Prioritize sun protection. Like all skin types, combination skin can easily be irritated or damaged by UV rays. So, using a moisturizer for combination skin that includes SPF protection (like this one) is a great choice.

- Avoid regular soap. Many traditional soap brands use ingredients that can disrupt your pH balance and overstimulate oil production. If possible, always use cleansing products designed for your skin type.

- Stay hydrated! Drinking lots of water will directly improve your skin’s moisture levels — not to mention all the other ways healthy hydration helps your body.