Hydro Care Lip Balm

Single 11.00 g
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  • Provides long lasting and intensive moisture
  • Is quickly absorbed thanks to its light formula
  • Moisturizing formula with Aloe Vera
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Mineral oil free formula

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Help protect your lips from drying out year round with intensive moisture. Our hydrating light formula with aloe, shea butter, natural avocado and jojoba oils has a pleasantly smooth texture that instantly melts into your lips. Leaves no greasy residue and keeps your lips moisturized for 24 hours*. Enjoy a pleasantly fresh feeling and soft lips all day! *clinically tested

Item Number 85193 (851930550048)

Ratings and Reviews

very bad (24 Ratings)
Buyer Beware “New Improved” Formula is radically (& horribly) different from Original
As a 20 year faithful Nivea (formerly Labello) lip balm user, I’m appalled by this update. The scent is absolutely awful. Nauseating really. Might as well take a bar of soap and rub it on your lips. As well, this new formula is actually drying. It is not soothing on the lips whatsoever. In fact it’s the antithesis of moisturizing as it leaves your lips dry. A weird waxy dryness that is uncomfortable. Please change it back. READ YOUR REVIEWS. No one is happy with this new version. Or, if you insist on keeping this horrible ‘new improved’ formula, then keep both bringing back the ‘original’. As a loyal buyer, I had to throw them out (bought the 2-pack like I normally do). Waist of money and plastic. I will never buy again unless you bring back the ‘original’ version.

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A. Hamilton
why did you fix something that wasn't broken?
I used to LOVE this product, then they changed it. WHY?? The texture and smell are awful now. I'm so disappointed. I hate when companies do this. I will have to find another lip balm, I can't use this.

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Bring back the old formula!
The new formula is awful. I opened the lip balm and was overwhelmed by a sickly sweet smell. When I put it on instead of gliding across my lips and giving a light hydrated feeling, the new formula is waxy and makes it so you can't even rub your lips together without them sticking. I definitely won't be buying this product again, which is unfortunate because this is the only lip balm I used to ever use, I have been using it for years.

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Special Ingredients

Aloe Vera

Shea Butter

Jojoba Oil