Natural Comfort Aluminum Free Stick

40 ml


Deo protection
  • Aluminium free
  • 48h odour protection
  • No ethyl alcohol
  • Dermatologically tested

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The NIVEA Natural Comfort Stick deodorant is developed without any added aluminum to provide a fresh feeling all day long. With 48h odour protection and a fresh fragrance with ocean extracts, your underarms will feel shower-fresh and protected all day long.


Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs. Do not use on damaged skin.

Item Number 82892 (828920551028)

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bad (5 Ratings)
Works for me
I have been in search of an aluminum free clean deodorant that works. This stick deodorant keeps the body odour away. Improvement could be made with a better fragrance or no fragrance.

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Why is it so wet and sticky?
I love Nivea deodorant, and I decided to try this type instead of the regular one I buy, and this one is NO GOOD! It is a gel, but the label does not say so, it is very wet and sticky. Ten minutes later and I already smell. I would not recommend.

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Truly Disappointing
Natural comfort roller ball is effective For a short 3to 4h MAX the wetness was bothering me and having to carry it and re apply so often during the day to keep yourself stink free, even its not summer anymore! so i decided to give the “same”solid version a try, OMG it wouldn’t even last the night i applied It right before bedtime i woke myself up because of my own sweaty stench and had to re showered at 3am again..

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Special Ingredients

Ocean Extract