Pure & Natural Avocado Body Lotion

500 ml


48h hydration
Avocado Oil
Dry Skin
  • Smooth and moisturized skin for 48hrs
  • 98% natural origin ingredients*
  • Made with 100% organic avocado
  • Lotion for dry skin
  • Unique roll up bottle to squeeze out every drop

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NIVEA Pure & Natural Body Lotion for dry skin is made with 98% natural origin ingredients* and 100% organic Avocado. Our Pure & Natural body lotion formula effectively hydrates for smooth, moisturised, and healthy-looking skin for 48 hours — and you can squeeze out every last drop of our NIVEA lotion thanks to our unique roll up packaging, which contains 50% less plastic**. Plus, this NIVEA avocado lotion formula contains no parabens, silicones, mineral oils or microplastics.
*Ingredients sourced from nature retaining greater than 50% of their molecular structure (natural state) after being processed, including water. **50% Less plastic vs. same size NIVEA lotion with cap.

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How to


To push lotion towards the nozzle.


Roll up packaging like a toothpaste tube to get out every last drop.

Special Ingredients

Avocado Oil