Basil & White Tea Body Wash

500 ml

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Product Features


Product Highlights

  • Fresh and gentle feeling
  • Enriched with nourishing serum
  • For soft, smooth and healthy-looking skin
  • Energizing Basil & White Tea scent
  • No added parabens. Microplastics-free formula

Product Details

Looking for a fresh, nourishing body wash that smooths and softens skin? Try NIVEA’s Basil and White Tea Body Wash and delight your senses with an invigorating and refreshing scent. Enriched with Nourishing Serum, a unique blend of plant-derived oils, it's time to treat yourself to rich, long-lasting moisture!

Item Number 85564 (85564-05500-71)

Ratings and Reviews

Good (3 Ratings)
Perfect for summer!
It was my first time trying a body wash from the brand Nivea. If I could say one word about this Basil & White tea body wash, I would say: Energizing. If you are looking for your next summer body wash it might be it!  Great lather. Smell absolutely amazing. This product is also both nourishing (thanks to the serum) and invigorating (thanks to fresh and Energizing Basil & White Tea scent). I will definitely try other scents. 

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I was pleasantly surprised with the scent of this product. It was nice and light. My skin felt clean and had moisture.

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Very scented
I got this to try for free if I gave my honest review. This product is good for lathering so you don't need much. This particular one I received was green in color and medium constancy. So if you want a thicker soap this wouldn't be it. I will say it did leave my skin feeling clean without stripping any moisture. However it is very scented. So definitely wouldn't use around some who has scent allergies. As the smell does linger on you skin for awhile.i wouldn't but again only because I work in a scent free environment so don't want to have to watch that

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