One of the most common reasons for using face wipes is to remove make-up. Here are tips to help you cleanse your face effectively while using them:
Remember to close your eyes before cleansing your face with a wipe.
A circular or soft wiping motion away from the nose tip across the cheeks is the most effective way to remove makeup quickly and thoroughly.
Cleanse the face gently. Although all the facial cleansing wipes mentioned here are soft, using them too vigorously could lead to irritation over time. Using the correct wipes for your skin and doing so gently will lead to instant cleansing and makeup removal without the need for rubbing.
Finally, seal the adhesive label already found on the packet of most facial wipes to maintain their refreshing feel and prevent them from drying out.
Dispose of the used wipe in a bin. Don’t flush it!


Now you can gently remove make-up with the power of micellar water.
Mild, yet highly effective, it’s a revolutionary all-in-1 cleansing fluid that works like a magnet to capture and lift away dirt and make-up without any rubbing or rinsing.
While other micellar waters can leave behind a filmy residue, NIVEA MicellAIR leaves you with nothing more than beautifully fresh, hydrated skin that can breathe.
*0% product residue