Creme Sensitive Body Wash

500 ml

Product Features



Balanced skin

Chamomile Extract

Sensitive skin

Product Highlights

  • Gentle body wash for sensitive skin
  • Formulated with carefully selected chamomile extract
  • Skin feels moisturized even after towel drying
  • pH skin-balanced
  • Dermatologically tested

Product Details

NIVEA Crème Sensitive Body Wash provides gentle care for a moisturized, naturally clean & healthy-looking skin feel. Dermatologically tested, this pH balanced body wash with chamomile extract is an easy way to show your body some daily self-love.

Item Number 83653 (83653-05500-60)

Ratings and Reviews

Excellent (55 Ratings)
Victoria V.
Lowkey sad
I’m low-key sad because it’s actually one of the body washes I like smells great I love how it makes my body so soft in the end and I feel like a silky rag in the shower but the only downfall to this is that I get rashes and I don’t know why even though it’s for sensitive skin and I do have sensitive skin I hope to God like there’s another version of this because I like it I bought it at Walmart and I was obsessed with it but now me realizing that it gives me rashes it’s kind of sad like the main rash is in the middle of my chest n on my legs but other than that Nivea I love your stuff

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Good product for sensitive skin
I have received Nivea Creme Sensitive Body Wash as a #freeproduct to #trywithtopbox, and it's a very good body wash. I have a very sensitive skin and sometimes there are not many available options out there. This product made my skin feels smooth even a few hours after its use. Also, smell really good. I'm loving it!

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Charly C.
I received this #freeproduct from #topbox. I have very sensitive skin and this one works fine for me.

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Special Ingredients

Chamomile Extract