Creme Sensitive Body Wash

500 ml


Balanced skin
Chamomile Extract
Sensitive skin
  • Gentle body wash for sensitive skin
  • Formulated with carefully selected chamomile extract
  • Skin feels moisturized even after towel drying
  • pH skin-balanced
  • Dermatologically tested

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NIVEA Crème Sensitive Body Wash provides gentle care for a moisturized, naturally clean & healthy-looking skin feel. Dermatologically tested, this pH balanced body wash with chamomile extract is an easy way to show your body some daily self-love.

Item Number 83653 (83653-05500-60)

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Excellent (3 Ratings)
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Cream Sensitive PH balance
It really shocked me how this body wash made my body feel, it made my skin smoothed and clean and lightweight, dealing with really sensitive and sometimes an off ph balance this was a fix for me! my fiancee loves it and my kids love it they have noticed how my skin is soft and smooth HEY I dance happily.

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Fantastic body wash
Like the title says, great body wash. As a male, I normally don't dabble in many different body washes. Usually I use the dove beauty bar, unscented, for my showers. However I found this in my shower at home and used it. Overall, it was extremely pleasant. A very soft and aromatic smell of chamomile, very mild. The wash itself FELT like there was still some body wash left on me in the shower, I kept trying to wash it off, thinking it sticks on you very good, but it's actually just how soft my skin was after using the wash and letting it sink in for a moment. Overall, my skin feels incredibly soft after showering. It didn't leave any oily or sticky residue on my skin, like some soaps do. Overall, one of my new favourites. Definitely recommended for sensitive skin. Very soft on the skin, and a mild fragrence. (no breakouts experienced).

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Sensitive Skin body wash Awesome
I am just trying this one for the first time and I love it. While it does not lather as well as the Dove I have using, it smells and feels great. Thanks so much for such an awesome product.

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Special Ingredients

Chamomile Extract