Pure & Natural TM Organic Aloe Vera roll-on deodorant

50 ml


Deo protection
Organic Aloe Vera
All skin types
Normal skin
  • 0% aluminium deodorant
  • 24h odour protection
  • 95% natural origin ingredients*
  • Made with organic aloe vera

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Keep that fresh feeling all day long with NIVEA Pure & Natural™ Organic Aloe Vera roll on deodorant. Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients*, this aloe vera deodorant rolls on easily and provides 24h odour protection for for a natural fresh and healthy feeling. The remaining 5% of ingredients are added for formula stability and safety. This NIVEA aloe vera deodorant contains 0% aluminum.
*Ingredients sourced from nature retaining >50 % of their natural state after being processed, including water.

Item Number 83496 (83496-05500-30)

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How to


Best, use the deodorant after taking a shower


Apply product directly to your underarms


Do not use deodorant on irritated skin

4Let dry

Allow product to dry completely before getting dressed

Special Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera