Essential Lip Balm

Duo 11 g


24h hydration
With natural oils
Intensive care
  • Provides long lasting and intensive care
  • Effectively protects your lips from dryness in any weather
  • Moisturizing formula with Shea Butter
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Mineral oil free formula

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Pollution, weather, sun, indoor heating and air conditioning all wreak havoc on our lips, leaving them dry, cracked and chapped. Long-lasting, intensive care is the solution. Its unique Shea Butter formula and enriched natural avocado and jojoba oils has a pleasantly smooth texture that instantly melts into your lips and keeps them moisturized for 24 hours*. Protect your lips from dryness in any weather and enjoy natural healthy-looking lips all day! *clinically tested

Item Number 85059 (850590550048)

Ratings and Reviews

very bad (28 Ratings)
Don't listen to the haters
This product has gotten better with each revision in my opinion. It might take a bit getting used to as it has become thicker but compared to "premium" lib balms twice the price the Nivea stays on your lips and isn't an oily mess that comes off as soon as you take one sip of a drink. It gets the job done for speeding up the healing of any damage as well as keeping them protected. I find the feeling on the lips to be the nicest and longest lasting out of all the balms I've tried, so don't listen to the immature haters that can't handle change.

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Terrible Ever Since the Formula Changed
I've been a fan of this product for years, but ever since they changed the formula it is TERRIBLE. Feels waxy on my lips and is not hydrating at all, please bring back the original Nivea!

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This product has been ruined
What else can I say that hasn’t already been said. The new formula is awful. I have been a loyal user for well over 10 years and now I cannot use this product. I have had to use lypsyl instead now. Why on earth would you change the formula?

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Special Ingredients

Shea Butter

Avocado Oil

Jojoba Oil