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At-home body care with a tropical twist

Coconut and monoi oil are must-haves for any body care routine. Discover how these two ingredients completely transform your skin, body and mind right at home.

An introduction to self-care

There are many popular ways to care for your body while at home, whether it’s meditating, aromatherapy, taking a relaxing bath or eating healthy. However, what you use to care for your body is also very important. Coconut and monoi oil are great for pampering yourself at home. These ingredients have sweet and tropical scents that transport you somewhere else, all while providing nourishing and moisturizing benefits for your skin and body. They are great for a well-deserved DIY spa day at home and serve as a divine combination in ready-to-use body creams. All you need to do is lather on your product of choice, and wait to see the effects happen!
monoi flower and oil

Monoi, Oil of the Tropics

Monoi oil, native to French Polynesia, is an infused scented oil made from soaking petals of the tiaré flower, a type of gardenia, in pure coconut oil. Coconut oil and tiaré flowers can be found on the South Pacific islands, making monoi a highly sought-after product. Monoi oil dates back centuries and is one of the most ancient preparations in Tahitian culture. It is often used as a beauty ingredient to soften skin and hair. Today, monoi oil has made its impact on the beauty industry and is a hot commodity for those who enjoy treating themselves with a rich-looking texture and an exotic scent.

The Versatile Coconut

The coconut, derived from a coconut palm tree in a variety of tropical areas, is famously known to provide numerous benefits to our feeling of well-being such as nourishment. It also has a heavenly scent that is sweet and pleasing for the senses. What makes it so popular today is not only how good it smells and feels, but the variety of ways in which you can use it. Coconut water, for example, is a great way to keep your body hydrated, especially after a workout, as it's filled with electrolytes, calcium, magnesium. Inside a ripe coconut is where you can enjoy the meat, full of fiber, which makes it fantastic for snacking. This white meat can also be turned into milk or cream, to be enjoyed in smoothies or specialty drinks! Finally, coconut oil is another option in which you can use it. Often found in beauty products, it also has a dual purpose of replacing butter in cooking and baking. With plenty of fatty acids, it provides an energy boost throughout the day!
hand holding coconut

Monoi Oil and Coconut: A Divine Combination

Over time, monoi oil and coconut have become a popular combination for body and skin care. With plenty of benefits, they are becoming even more sought-after when it comes to doing DIY body care routines at home. The ingredients are accessible and the steps are too easy not to try at least once!
smooth legs

Pamper yourself with Monoi Oil

As a shampoo and conditioner: This oil is known to nourish the hair and scalp, all while leaving it feeling soft and smelling great. With a high source of Vitamin E, it’s also used to keep hair looking strong.


For nails: Just a dab of monoi on the nail and cuticle area moisturizes and nourishes for added strength.


Useful for mild dry skin irritations: As an antibacterial oil that is rich in fatty acids, monoi protects skin against dryness.

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Coconut and our Skin

As a moisturizer: Rich in fatty acids, the oil derived from a coconut can efficiently moisturize your face or body. Not only does it smell sweet, but it can even double as a primer to soften skin before putting on your makeup!

To replace shaving cream: With the help of shea butter, coconut oil is great for getting a close shave and keeping skin hydrated afterwards.

As a makeup remover: It is rare to find a waterproof mascara remover as good as pure coconut oil! You can apply it directly as a cleanser, or use a cotton pad, and all your makeup will just melt away!

Make Your Own Coconut Body Scrub!

Treating yourself to a DIY scrub is a good way to keep your skin clean, smooth, and smelling great. Here is an easy and homemade oatmeal and coconut body scrub recipe you can whip up in no time at all. Oatmeal is great for sensitive skin while coconut oil is a great moisturiser and can help repair damaged skin.
ingredients for a oatmeal, coconut and sugar scrub

Don’t forget about post body scrub care! Removing all of those dead skin cells is beneficial, but scrubs can often take some of your skin’s natural oils with them.

For this reason it’s important to moisturise after enjoying a body scrub. It will prevent your skin from drying out and leave it feeling soft.


DIY Body Scrub in 1 minute

  • ½ cup oatmeal
  • ½ cup sugar (for sensitive skin use brown sugar, it’s softer than white sugar)
  • 1 cup coconut oil DIY Body Scrub in 1 minute

To make and apply this scrub:

Step 1: Blend oats to a powder-like consistency using a food processor
Step 2: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
Step 3: Apply body scrub using circular motions
Step 4: Rinse Off

Caring for your body with oils and lotions

Body lotions and body oils are two of the most popular options when it comes to at-home body care. They keep you feeling great, providing smooth, beautiful and hydrated skin. There are no frills, they are easy to access and all you need to do is apply and enjoy! Best used every day, they are also a great way to switch up your normal routine and treat yourself to something special. Though oils and creams are both used for moisturizing, they surprisingly have their own characteristics that set them apart. These characteristics all depend on the type of application you prefer.

Body Oils VS Body Lotions

Body oils are a very liquid form of body hydration. They absorb very slowly in the skin and leave an oily residue. That may bother some, but what those characteristics really mean is that your skin stays hydrated for longer, you get to lock-in moisture more easily, and you end up having a nice glow!

Body lotions are drastically different in that they absorb much more quickly. If you are looking for a quick way to treat yourself, this is the best option! Lotions are known to be light, provide tons of moisture and leave your skin feeling supple and nourished.

cream on leg

NIVEA Oil Infused Coconut & Monoi Oil Body Lotion: the Perfect Balance

If you’re looking for a way to care for your body at home and that makes you feel like you just walked out of the best spa treatment ever, NIVEA Oil Infused Coconut & Monoi Oil Body Lotion is the way to go. It combines the best that a body oil and body lotion has to offer all in one, with an added treat: the divine scent of the tropics.
NIVEA Oil Infused Coconut & Monoi Oil Body Lotion

What it Does For Your Skin

  • Intensive 24 hour moisture for irresistibly smooth and radiant skin
  • It’s non-greasy and fast-absorbing. Perfect to get up and go!
  • You can go from dry skin to smooth skin instantly
  • It has a delightful exotic scent that helps you relax and unwind

Try all of our scents

Keep your at-home pampering sessions fresh with three other fragrances. Each one will elevate your body care routine for a true moment of bliss.

  • Vanilla & Almond Oil: A sweet, relaxing aroma and deep moisture will revitalize your skin. 
  • Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil: With a light floral fragrance, this lotion will add nourishment and hydration to your day. 
  • Orchid & Argan Oil: Indulge in this lotion’s delicate scent and rich moisture for the ultimate feeling of pleasure.
Try all of our Oil Body Lotion scents


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