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Different skin types need different care in order to look radiantly beautiful.

Tailor–made care

Choosing the right care for your skin type is your way to get soft and beautiful skin. Tailor your selection of skincare products to the individual needs of your skin type.

What type of skin do you have?

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Normal skin – gentle care keeps it in balance

Normal skin is naturally smooth and supple. Dry areas and feelings of tightness are not common in normal skin. But even normal skin needs moisture and protection and keep it looking healthy. You can use just a light moisturizing lotion to nourish your normal skin to keep it soft and visibly radiant.

Try our NIVEA Aloe Express Hydration Body Lotion 


Dry skin needs lasting care

Dry skin needs moisturizing care tailored specifically to its needs, otherwise, you may notice itchy areas due to dryness. With this skin type, the shins and knees are specifically vulnerable. Try our NIVEA Smooth or Cocoa Butter Body Lotion 

Very dry skin – protective care from NIVEA

Does your skin itch due to dryness, feel uncomfortably tight and rough? This means you have very dry skin. It needs rich care to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. Rich, intensive caring creams help it to do this. Our Nourishing Body Milk or Repair & Care Body Lotion will do just the trick.
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Sensitive skin – needs extra care

Sensitive skin can be recognized by redness due to dryness, which can also occur as a reaction to incorrect care. In this case, choose a mild, pH-neutral care product. NIVEA Repair & Care Fragrance-Free body lotion is made specifically for sensitive skin.