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Your Skin Your Story

Introducing a radical approach to skincare: Accept the signs of aging as part of your story. Worry less and laugh more while taking simple steps to maintain healthy-looking skin.

It’s time to stop obsessing about turning back the clock. Instead, celebrate the passage of time and the wisdom that comes from experience. Don’t like how the years have changed your face? Remember what those so-called imperfections—facial lines, creases and wrinkles—really are: the normal result of sharing belly laughs, being pleasantly surprised and making funny faces. (Sure, a few can probably be credited to late nights spent studying or worrying, but you came out stronger on the other side.) All these little moments came together to make you who you are. They are a part of your unique story.

If you want to look after the face that makes you, well, you, here’s where to start:

Adopt a simple regimen

Raise your hand if you want to devote energy to a needlessly elaborate skincare routine. Nobody? We thought so. With products designed for different skin types, Nivea Q10 offers you a wide range to cater to all your skin needs. Specifically formulated with a Q10 coenzyme identical to the one made by your skin, and other gentle yet effective ingredients, this range visibly reduces deep wrinkles and gives you intensely nourished, visibly firmer skin in 7 days with just a few products.

Laugh out loud

Did you know that laughing can actually make you look and feel younger? Strong interpersonal connections with friends and family have been proven to improve happiness. Even if you can’t meet in person, you can reap the rewards via a virtual hangout with the girls or your hilarious niece—and embrace the resulting laugh and smile lines as evidence of a joyful life.

Protect daily

The sun does wonders for the soul. Caveat? It also causes premature fine lines and wrinkles, making the daily application of sunscreen essential. Get both broad-spectrum protection and healthy, youthful-looking skin by using NIVEA Q10 PowerTM Anti-wrinkle Firming Day cream with SPF 30.

Give extra care

From bliss and joy to sorrow and worry, your eyes express the entire gamut of human emotion. Care for the delicate skin around those eyes with NIVEA Q10 PowerTM Anti-wrinkle Firming Eye cream. And those laugh lines? Wear them like a badge of honour. They are testaments to a life filled with joy.

Your skin tells your story. Care for the skin that makes you 100% you with NIVEA Q10 Anti-wrinkle PowerTM.

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