Whether you are just getting started with stubble or have already mastered a beautiful beard, here is some advice for growing facial hair to be proud of.


Help, my beard isn’t growing – what can I do?

No man is the same and neither is his hair! Your lifestyle and the products you use can improve the appearance of your hair and beard? Learn how you can make some simple lifestyle changes to improve your beard.

Start by heading down to the gym and grabbing the dumbbells – this increases your testosterone and could help your beard to grow faster.

Don’t forget about diet! Balanced eating and topping up your meals with plenty of Vitamins E and B will help with the thickness of your hair for the beard you’ve always dreamed of.

Regular cleansing is essential

Wash your beard frequently to keep it looking tidy and smelling fresh. Try NIVEA’s Deep Face & Beard Wash with Active Charcoal to keep it clean and refreshed every time.

Keep it trim: how to shape a beard like a pro

  • Start by combing through the hair to detangle any knots.
  • Use clippers to trim the beard to the desired length.
  • If you like, graduate to a smaller clipper setting to fade the edges.
  • Use scissors to clean up any strays for a more natural finish.
  • Finish up with some beard oil or a moisturizer like NIVEA’s Sensitive Skin Moisture Cream for a soothing, finishing touch.


Make sure your beard stands out from the crowd with these simple beard care tips.

How to take care of a beard

Just like the hair on your head, a striking beard requires time and maintenance to look its best. Cut back on the grooming and your beard’s appearance will suffer. Remember, it’s not just the hair you’re caring for, it’s the delicate skin underneath.

Decide on a beard grooming regime and stick to it. This means washing it, combing it, styling it and moisturizing it on a regular basis. Only then will you achieve soft and manageable facial hair you’ll be keen to show off.

Splash out on the right tools for the job

No matter how talented you may be, a perfectly groomed beard is only possible with premium tools. Invest in some high-quality clippers, sharp scissors and tweezers for tackling ingrown hairs. That way you’ll be all set for success!

Step-by-step daily beard care routine: how to groom a beard

Keep it clean

It’s surprising how much dirt and pollution can get trapped in facial hair during daily life. Regular cleansing is the first step towards ensuring your beard looks (and smells) great. Start your daily routine with NIVEA’s Deep Face & Beard Wash with Active Charcoal and tackle oil, dirt and buildup.
Step-by-step daily beard care routine: how to groom a beard

Comb and tame the hair

Starting at the neckline, gently comb through the beard hair, detangling any knots and taming the unruly areas. If you hit any particularly tough snags, don’t tug too hard, as this may pull out or damage the hair. Instead, remove the comb and start again – you’ll get there!
Step-by-step daily beard care routine: how to groom a beard

Find your signature style

An unruly beard can be a pain, so keep it under control with some basic styling. Using a hairdryer and comb to tackle certain curly areas can keep your bristles looking extra dapper. But using heat too often can dry out the skin, so keep it for special occasions.
Step-by-step daily beard care routine: how to groom a beard

Moisturising beard care

Cleansing can strip the beard of its natural oils to leave it feeling dry. It’s vital to replenish the moisture in the skin and hair by applying a rich face cream like NIVEA MEN Creme or massaging in some beard oil.