Essential Lip Balm

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  • Provides long lasting and intensive care
  • Effectively protects your lips from dryness in any weather
  • Moisturizing formula with Shea Butter
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Mineral oil free formula

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Pollution, weather, sun, indoor heating and air conditioning all wreak havoc on our lips, leaving them dry, cracked and chapped. Long-lasting, intensive care is the solution. Its unique Shea Butter formula and enriched natural avocado and jojoba oils has a pleasantly smooth texture that instantly melts into your lips and keeps them moisturized for 24 hours*. Protect your lips from dryness in any weather and enjoy natural healthy-looking lips all day! *clinically tested

Item Number 85061 (850610550048)

Ratings and Reviews

very bad (7 Ratings)
HATE ... HATE ... HATE the new formula!!!!
You RUINED the best lip balm out there! The biggest mistake .... one that I think is the main reason everyone else now HATES your "New UNimproved Formula". You moved the beeswax to one of the first ingredients when it used to be one if the last (among other screw-ups). HORRIBLE! Just HORRIBLE! It is, not moisturizing .... It is just like all the other inferior (compared to your old formula) lip balms. Now you are just the same. Are you guys NUTS??!! Any old stock, send to me please!

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Don't fix what isn't broke!
When I first started using lip balm it was called Labello. It was later rebranded to Nivea which pretty much stayed the same so I continued with it. I recently ran out and purchased more but noticed it was labelled "new and improved". The new formula is sticky and feels thick and waxy feeling which actually makes my lips drier. Unfortunately, I won't be using your product any longer. It would certainly be to your advantage to bring back the old formula as it really was the best.

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Hello there, I have been using this product for years with great results. It was a rich creamy texture, lasts for hours and was easily applied. The new formula is dry, waxy and hard to apply, make my lips fell dry and sticky. Wish you didn't change the formula.

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Special Ingredients

Shea Butter

The ingredients listed correspond to the current state of production. Since we regularly adjust our formulations to incorporate new scientific findings, the declaration of ingredients specified on the package applies in each case.

Does not include Mineral oil