Refreshing Micellar Water Normal Skin

Enriched with amino acid that gently cleanses and removes makeup, impurities and dirt.

Normal skin
Normal skin

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Product Features

Normal skin
Normal skin

Product Highlights

  • Amino Acid Complex: Discover a unique blend of cleansing micelles and amino acids enriched with Vitamin E for fresher-feeling skin. Effortlessly attract and remove makeup and sebum leaving your skin refreshed.
  • Game-Changing Cleansing: Cleanse your skin with a few featherlight swipes of the all in one makeup remover without the need for rinsing. For use on eye area, face, and lips.
  • Moisture Boost: With a powerful micellar water base, this makeup remover and face wash enhances the skin’s moisture binding capacity, keeping it refreshed and hydrated.
  • Dermatologically Tested Makeup Remover: Made with naturally derived ingredients* this makeup remover and cleanser is a dermatologically tested solution for normal skin types. * ingredients from nature retain +50% of their natural state after being processed, including water.
  • Easy Cleansing: Embrace an all in one makeup remover with the NIVEA no rinse cleanser and face wash, suitable for normal skin. Enjoy the benefits of a 400mL bottle, making daily cleansing a breeze.

How to

Gently wipe over your face, closed eyes and lips with a soaked cotton pad.

Product Details

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple products and embrace the simplicity of Amino Acid Complex with the NIVEA Micellar Water for gentle makeup cleansing that caters to your skincare needs. This makeup remover face wash and no rinse cleanser will elevate your beauty routine and enhance your skin’s moisture binding capacity while leaving behind 0% product residue*. The all in one makeup remover is infused with Vitamin E for fresher-feeling skin. Dermatologically tested, this daily cleanser is your secret to clean, moisturized skin. Trust the formula of the NIVEA Micellar makeup remover for cleansing normal skin.

*89% agree, tested by 72 women, 1 week.

Item Number 89256 (89256-05500-08)

Ratings and Reviews

Good (6 Ratings)
Doesn't work
Unfortunately my nivea expert waterproof make up remover has been discontinued so I tried this as I've been using nivea for many years. This does not work. It does not work on waterproof make up (obviously it doesn't say it would). It also does not work on regular non-waterproof mascara and eyeliner. You will be rubbing and smudging your makeup off until your eyes hurt. Do not recommend.

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I received this product to try from Influenster. I am very impressed by this micellar water. It is odourless which I do appreciate. I wear heavy makeup and it removed it effortlessy.

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Great for every day makeup
This Nivea MicellAIR Micellar Water works really well to remove every day makeup. It worked especially well on my makeup remover cloth. It didn't irritate my eyes or skin. It's very convenient to take off a quick look. I did notice it didn't always fully remove things like lash glue or pressed pigments but most people aren't using those on the daily either. Overall this is a great product and I would definitely purchase in the future (I got this free to review but my opinions are my own)

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