The best care tips for beautiful looking skin

Little care tips and great ideas for looking after your skin on every part of your body throughout the year.

Discover the secret to beautiful looking skin

  • During the cold season, our skin needs extra care to keep it soft and beautiful.
  • Even if it is very tempting to spend ages in a hot bath, avoid taking baths that are too hot or too long. Showering too frequently or spending a long time in the bath can affect the skin’s protective acid layer and make the natural corneal layer more permeable – this means that harmful substances can get in more easily. 
  • Rub in some intense nurturing cream, such as NIVEA Care, after every shower. This contains gentle hydro wax, which blends into the skin to moisturize as soon as it is applied, ensuring intensive and long-lasting care, without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Your skin will immediately feel soft and supple. 

Hands – our most visible features

Q10 Care

When it comes to thorough body care, looking after your hands is an absolute must. Try one of our NIVEA hand creams, they will give you nourished and smooth hands, all day long!

Beautiful looking skin from head to toe

The delicate skin on our face, as well as the dry areas on our shins and elbows, usually need extra special attention in our skincare routine. But we often forget our feet. And yet, our feet do a whole lot of work during colder times of year: packed tightly in heavy shoes or boots, they carry us throughout the world day after day, and therefore dry out very quickly. Give your feet the attention they deserve and start a care routine with a relaxing foot bath. 

For an extra dose of care, rub NIVEA Creme or NIVEA Soft into your feet afterwards – preferably combined with a soothing massage! Rub in plenty of cream, put on some cotton socks, and jump into bed.