Can MicellAIR EXPERT really take it all off?

Tessa Virtue knows no limits when it comes to long-lasting performance makeup. See how MicellAIR EXPERT
takes it all off easily, leaving zero greasy residue behind. 


A makeup lover’s essential

Meet the expert solution to removing makeup


YouTube tutorials and date nights have met their match! Seriously, whether you wear makeup every day or on special occasions, strenuous makeup removal shouldn't stop you from getting creative, that’s why we created MicellAIR EXPERT!

Much more than a makeup remover, MicellAIR EXPERT easily takes on multilayer makeup and mascara, while leaving your skin toned, hydrated and soft, with 0 % greasy residue.

A professional makeup remover

Tessa Virtue knows no limits when it comes to makeup

 MicellAIR EXPERT takes on the heaviest of makeup. It’s trusted by makeup pros to remove everything in a single step, leaving the skin soft and fresh.