NIVEA EarthDay Clean Your Routine Challenge

5 simple changes. A world of difference.

#CleanYourRoutine Challenge

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In support of Earth Month

Challenge yourself to a more eco-friendly routine.

Making small changes in our daily lives can greatly reduce our environmental impact — and Earth Month is the perfect time to spark sustainable habits with the #CleanYourRoutine Challenge.

HOW TAKE PART IN THE CHALLENGE: Simply pledge to make 5 simple
sustainable swaps in your daily routine in support of Earth Month, to help reduce your environmental impact.

In honour of those who participate in NIVEA’s #CleanYourRoutine challenge, NIVEA is donating $10,000 CAD to EarthDay.Org. Additionally with every purchase of a NIVEA Biodegradable wipe at Shopper Drug Mart, $1 will be donated to EarthDay.Org from June 19th to July 16th up to a maximum of $10 000.

Get Inspired

How Can I Reduce My Footprint?

It’s easier than you might think. Here are some simple ways you can #CleanYourRoutine.
Reusable Bottles

Reusable Bottles

Beyond the obvious benefit of reducing plastic waste, having a great bottle will encourage you to drink more water each day — which is great for your skin.

Eat Local

Eat Local

Prioritizing healthy, minimally processed foods that are locally produced reduces your reliance on items that need to be shipped over long distances in fossil-fuel consuming planes, ships, and trains.

Biodegradable Wipes

Biodegradable Wipes

Switching from traditional wipes to plant-based tissue
formulas like our new NIVEA Biodegradable Wipes is an easy way to reduce your daily impact at home.

Cold water

Wash with Cold Water

Make a point of choosing cold water detergents for washing clothes. They’re just as effective and require significantly less energy per load.

Choose plastic-free products

Choose plastic-free products

Tiny microplastic particles found in countless products are polluting our oceans, land and own bodies. In 2013, NIVEA decided to phase out plastic peeling particles made from polyethylene, and two years later, all our formulas were microbead-free. We’ve even developed a NIVEA Glow Rice Scrub that uses natural origin exfoliants and ingredients like organic rice and raspberries instead of microplastic.

Join the movement

Part of a bigger mission

Caring for ourselves begins with caring for the planet. NIVEA is proud to support and its many crucial sustainability initiatives, so we can do our small part to help grow the global movement towards a healthier, happier planet.

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Part of a bigger mission


Kinder to the planet

Introducing New NIVEA
Biodegradable Wipes

Made from 100% plant-based tissue. Our new cleansing wipes are as effective as ever and now fully biodegradable — made with a more sustainable, micro-plastic-free formula.