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Can MicellAIR EXPERT really take it all off?

       Tessa Virtue knows no limits when it comes to long-lasting performance makeup. See how MicellAIR EXPERT takes it all off easily, leaving zero greasy residue behind. 


A Makeup Lover's Essential

Meet the expert solution to removing makeup


YouTube tutorials and date nights have met their match! Seriously, whether you wear makeup every day or on special occasions, strenuous makeup removal shouldn't stop you from getting creative, that’s why we created MicellAIR EXPERT!

Much more than a makeup remover, MicellAIR EXPERT easily takes on multilayer makeup and mascara, while leaving your skin toned, hydrated and soft, with 0 % greasy residue.


Bonus pro tip: use with a cotton swab to wipe away any makeup mistakes during application. Go ahead, #RemoveItLikeAPro.

The formula works fast to remove makeup effortlessly, so you can feel good in your skin. Take off your mascara, not your lashes!

Seeing is believing! Tessa Virtue goes from glitz and glamourous to everyday beauty in a flash.

A professional makeup remover

Tessa Virtue knows no limits when it comes to makeup

MicellAIR EXPERT takes on the heaviest of makeup. It’s trusted by makeup pros to remove everything in a single step, leaving the skin soft and fresh.

Expert approved

Meet the pros who take it all off with MicellAIR EXPERT

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We asked top Canadian makeup artists to put MicellAIR EXPERT to the test. Did it remove their heavy makeup? Did it really leave 0% greasy product residue? Check out their first reaction videos below to find out why our experts have given us their seal of approval!

Glamzilla  Professional makeup artist and beauty blogger


Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger


"It removed all of my makeup without leaving a nasty oily film on my skin"

Watch Glamzilla's video Glamzilla'first impression.

Samantha Jane-Beauty blogger and Youtube star

Samantha Jane

Beauty Blogger & Youtube Star


“It doesn't leave any sticky greasy residue" 


Check out Samantha's video.

Jessica Mann- Professional makeup artist and beauty blogger

Jessica Mann 

Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger 


" This is going to end up replacing the 16 other products that I use to take off my makeup." 

See what Jessica has to say about MicellAIR EXPERT.

Christine Cho-Professional makeup artist and beauty blogger

Christine Cho

Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger 


" I feel good that it's ophthalmologist-tested so that it's safe around the eye area. " 

See how Christine removes her makeup with MicellAIR EXPERT.

Leslie-Ann Thomson- Professional makeup artist

Leslie-Ann Thomson 

Professional Makeup Artist


" I'm impressed with how fast it takes off a LARGE amount of mascara. " 

See what Leslie-Ann has to say about MicellAIR EXPERT.

Marika D'Auteuil-Professional makeup artist

Marika D'Auteuil 

Professional Makeup Artist


" The formula is very gentle, I have no feeling of irritation."

Check out Marika's first impression.

Cynthia Dulude-Beauty blogger and Youtube star

Cynthia Dulude

Beauty Blogger & Youtube Star


" Everything was gone, on the first try, brilliant! "

Watch Cynthia's video.