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Can MicellAIR EXPERT really take it all off?

MicellAIR EXPERT takes on the heaviest of make-up. It’s trusted by make-up pros to remove everything in a single step, leaving the skin soft and fresh, with zero greasy residue. #RemoveItLikeAPro


Meet the expert solution to removing make-up

MicellAIR EXPERT Make-up remover


YouTube tutorials and date nights have met their match! Seriously, whether you wear make-up every day or on special occasions, strenuous make-up removal shouldn't stop you from getting creative. That’s why we created MicellAIR EXPERT!

Much more than a make-up remover, MicellAIR EXPERT easily takes on multilayer make-up and mascara, while leaving your skin toned, hydrated and soft, with zero greasy residue.

And when it’s time for your next look, you can use our MicellAIR EXPERT scrub to prep your skin beforehand for next-level make-up application.


NIVEA’s First Pre Make-Up Scrub + Cleanser

Get a first look at our newest addition to the MicellAIR EXPERT lineup — a professionally inspired scrub to cleanse & prep skin for elevated make-up application.

Upgrade your make-up

Perfect make-up starts with perfect skin

MicellAIR EXPERT scrub


Ever wonder how the pros achieve that immaculate look? MicellAIR EXPERT scrub takes your pre make-up routine to the next level, and can also be used at night to completely wash + exfoliate the day away.

Our not-so-secret ingredient? MicellAIR Complex, which deeply but gently cleanses skin for that super fresh feeling. It also contains lactic acid to smooth and refine skin for perfect long-lasting applications. Recommended by professional make-up artists for a reason — and now you can #WearItLikeAPro too.

Also, if you’re trying to remove long-lasting make-ups and mascara, get MicellAIR Expert Water Effective for no-rub, no-rinse cleansing that won’t leave behind any greasy residue.

Lactic Acid

Elevate your make-up routine

A Day & Night Difference


The MicellAIR EXPERT range beautifully simplifies your day and night skincare routine so you can slay all the hours in between.

Use it when you wake up to smooth and refine your skin, cleansing overnight dirt and setting the stage for flawless, long-lasting make-up application.

Fast forward to the evening — and you can use it again to completely remove make-up, sebum and dirt before bed. Your skin (and pillows) will thank you big time.

Why Make-Up Artists Love It

Meet the pros who take it all off with MicellAIR EXPERT

Expert approved logo


We asked top Canadian makeup artists to put MicellAIR EXPERT to the test. Did it remove their heavy makeup? Did it really leave 0% greasy product residue? Check out their first reaction videos below to find out why our experts have given us their seal of approval!

Glamzilla  Professional makeup artist and beauty blogger


Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger


"It removed all of my makeup without leaving a nasty oily film on my skin"

Watch Glamzilla's video Glamzilla'first impression.

Samantha Jane-Beauty blogger and Youtube star

Samantha Jane

Beauty Blogger & Youtube Star


“It doesn't leave any sticky greasy residue" 


Check out Samantha's video.

Jessica Mann- Professional makeup artist and beauty blogger

Jessica Mann 

Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger 


" This is going to end up replacing the 16 other products that I use to take off my makeup." 

See what Jessica has to say about MicellAIR EXPERT.

Christine Cho-Professional makeup artist and beauty blogger

Christine Cho

Professional Makeup Artist & Beauty Blogger 


" I feel good that it's ophthalmologist-tested so that it's safe around the eye area. " 

See how Christine removes her makeup with MicellAIR EXPERT.



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