Life leaves its traces on our body

Help Care for Your Skin

It’s time to give back to your skin for its day-to-day efforts with 48h deep moisture and nourishing shea butter. With its caring ingredients, NIVEA Smooth knows exactly what your skin lives through every day, and is here to support you with what it needs.

Take the Time to Give Back



Our body can do amazing things! It’s time to give something back.



A long day in tight-fitting clothing calls for a moment of care and moisture.



Let go of daily restraints and enjoy the freedom of being unapologetically you.

Discover NIVEA Smooth

Give back to your body

48h of Deep Moisture

Complete with 48-hour deep moisture and shea butter, this range is the perfect way to give back to your skin. Infused with NIVEA Deep Care Serum, NIVEA Smooth melts gently into your skin leaving it soft to the touch and irresistibly smooth.


Nature’s Super Ingredient

The Power of Shea

Replenish your skin with nature’s best-kept secret: shea butter! With high levels of vitamin A and E, this super-ingredient has repairing and protective benefits. Nivea Smooth body lotion, enriched with shea butter, is perfect for everyday use and helps you feel good in your skin.