Life leaves its traces on our body

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It’s time to give back to your skin for its day-to-day efforts with 48h deep moisture and nourishing shea butter. With its caring ingredients, NIVEA Smooth knows exactly what your skin lives through every day, and is here to support you with what it needs.

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Give back to your body

48h of Deep Moisture

Complete with 48-hour deep moisture and shea butter, this range is the perfect way to give back to your skin. Infused with NIVEA Deep Care Serum, NIVEA Smooth melts gently into your skin leaving it soft to the touch and irresistibly smooth.


Nature’s Super Ingredient

The Power of Shea

Replenish your skin with nature’s best-kept secret: shea butter! With high levels of vitamin A and E, this super-ingredient has repairing and protective benefits. Nivea Smooth body lotion, enriched with shea butter, is perfect for everyday use and helps you feel good in your skin.

The Moisturizing Power of Shea Butter

Indulge in skincare from the shea nut tree. Discover its countless beauty benefits from head to toe!




From busy work schedules to tending to our families, we know how hard it can be to carve out a little time for self-care. See how some of your favourite women use #NIVEASmooth to show love and appreciation to their bodies, from head to toe. #GiveBackToYourBody
Alanis Desilets using NIVEA

Alanis Desilets

“I am someone who loves to take care of myself, and I generally focus more on what my body is capable of doing rather than what it looks like. Whether it's gym workouts (at home these days!), or just daily challenges, I make sure to thank and give back to my body with NIVEA. Especially now more than ever.”

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Beverley Using NIVEA

Beverley Cheng

“I believe that our bodies are the books that share the stories of our lives.⁣ With every stretch mark, scar, cut, or lump, each mark is a part of our past and identity. NIVEA reminds us to give back to our bodies and reward our skin with a moment of care. ⁣When I use NIVEA Smooth Body Lotion, I embrace and show love for each imperfection.”

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Sheridan Using NIVEA

Sheridan Ingalls

“Over the past 5 years, my body has housed three humans. It has had trouble bouncing back, it has enjoyed all the delicious meals, it has chosen to exercise and also to forget about it, but most of all, my body has made me understand the true meaning of self-love. I have learned that my body and my brain may be two different things, but that it is equally important to take care of both in order to be the best version of myself. And using NIVEA has helped me do just that.”

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When it comes to dry skin, we could all use a little extra help. But where do you start?
Person using NIVEA Smooth

Give back to your skin

Give back to your body with 48H deep moisture care from NIVEA. Your skin will thank you.