DEEP Shaving Gel with Active Charcoal

200 ml


  • Prepares the hair and protects the skin during shaving
  • Acts as a gliding shield on the skin
  • Features a modern and masculine dark wood scent for a feeling of deep clean
  • Dermatologically tested

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NIVEA DEEP Shaving Gel lets you experience a precise shave that you’ve always dreamed of. The unique black gel with Active Charcoal turns into a rich white foam once lathered to deeply clean and prepare your skin for an ultimate close razor glide.

Item Number 81789 (81789-05500-18)

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Charles C.
Maybe not for everyone...
I quite like this product, it gives a close and, more importantly to me, a very clean shave. Most gels out there are full of moisturizers and other goop that not everyone wants. This one keeps it simple.

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Dennis J.
Nivea Men Deep Shaving Gel
Long time user of your products. This time however, the “DEEP” clean & close shave was liquid black that ran like water instead of usual foam formulation. Waste of money.

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Clinton C.
Not really a Gel, not that great of a shave :(
I’m a long time user of Nivea men’s Shaving Gel, and purchased this just last night, thinking I’d try something new. This morning I piped the lid of the sleek black can, and instead of gel, I was served a runny black puddle of product. I actually rinsed it off thinking it was just the ‘top of the can’ liquid. But no, two try’s later, and still the same runny puddle of ‘gel’. I attempt to lather it on, and it takes more product than I’d expect to actually cover my face, compared at least to other Nivea Gels. The lather it produces is substantially lighter and thinner than you’d be used to from Nivea products, but is serviceable, for lack of a better term. What I noticed after shaving though is that it wasn’t a “deep, close shave”, quite the opposite. My face was still a bit rough after shaving. Also finding that even later in the day, I have some discomfort from the shave, something that I’ve never experienced with other Nivea products. Great packaging, but product itself leaves a lot to be desired.

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How to


The black texture will turn into a rich white foam once lathered.


Take a small amount of gel on your palms and massage on your wet face.

Special Ingredients

Active Charcoal