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3 Steps to Help Sensitive Skin

Just like the name implies, sensitive skin is more easily irritated by external stressors (like weather or allergies) and requires extra gentle care as a result. Protecting your moisture barrier is the goal here — and a nourishing, fragrance-free face moisturizer for sensitive skin is key.


For no rinsing, no residue, no rubbing, and no perfume, try MicellAIR Water for Dry And Sensitive Skin. If you prefer wipes, choose something that’s specially formulated not to irritate, like Sensitive 3-in-1 Cleansing Wipes.



A lack of moisture is often the culprit behind tight, itchy, and red skin for those with sensitive complexions. Hydrate with gentle face cream for sensitive skin like Soothing Day Cream with SPF 15 + Night Cream to deeply moisturize in the AM, then replenish your skin's moisture barrier while you sleep.



Get into a daily habit of cleansing + rehydrating to help your skin stay moisturized.


More tips for sensitive skin

Stay away from everyday irritants
When it comes to sensitive skin, the cause of your irritation might be something really basic that you didn’t even consider. A few examples:

- Showers that are too hot and/or too long. Switch things up when you can by having a warm bath instead — and try to limit your soak to around 10 minutes, so you don’t throw your moisture levels out of balance.

- Clothes that are too tight. Constrictive fits that don’t let your skin breathe and scratchy materials that are rough on your body can trigger unnecessary irritation.

-The wrong skincare products. If you’re using something designed for a different skin type, it can throw your pH-balance out of whack and trigger flare-ups. Whenever possible, stick to face creams without alcohol nor perfume, dedicated to the sensitive skin.

Remember: your skin feels your stress. Especially when you have a sensitive complexion. Our bodies process emotional tensions in a lot of different ways — and it can definitely contribute to irritated skin. Prioritizing your mental wellness through calming activities like yoga, reading, and low-impact exercise can directly help improve your sensitive skin’s health. So, always make time for yourself!