Pure & Natural TM Organic Aloe Vera roll-on deodorant


All skin types
All skin types
Normal skin
Normal skin

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Product Features

Deo protection
Bio Aloe Vera
All skin types
All skin types
Normal skin
Normal skin

Product Highlights

  • 0% aluminium deodorant
  • 24h odour protection
  • 95% natural origin ingredients*
  • Made with organic aloe vera

How to

1 Shower
Best, use the deodorant after taking a shower
2 Apply
Apply product directly to your underarms
3 Careful
Do not use deodorant on irritated skin
4 Let dry
Allow product to dry completely before getting dressed

Product Details

Keep that fresh feeling all day long with NIVEA Pure & Natural™ Organic Aloe Vera roll on deodorant. Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients*, this aloe vera deodorant rolls on easily and provides 24h odour protection for for a natural fresh and healthy feeling. The remaining 5% of ingredients are added for formula stability and safety. This NIVEA aloe vera deodorant contains 0% aluminum.
*Ingredients sourced from nature retaining >50 % of their natural state after being processed, including water.

Item Number 83496 (83496-05500-30)

Special Ingredients

Bio Aloe Vera

Ratings and Reviews

Excellent (61 Ratings)
Not satisfied
Got this Nivea pure & natural organic aloe vera bio for #freeproduct with #trywithtopbox.. it is 0% aluminum.. this deodorant is not for me, as I have excessive sweaty specially it's summer with 30°.. it disappointment me because I thought I would feel dry but not. I like the fresh smell though..

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Review Panel Member
Best Product Ever…!!!
Got this sent to me by #tryitwithtopbox and it’s my new favorite so far…!!!! After trying all kinds of underarm this is by far the best one and works so well for me. Smells absolutely wonderful..! I used it after my morning shower and right after my evening shower and the scent last for hours… it’s doesn’t have a greasy feeling and works wonders for when I’m working out.. 10/10 would recommend…

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Love this deodorant
I love the way this deodorant feels when I put it on, it's not greasy it doesn't stain my clothing at all like others do and it has an amazing scent!! It's not overpowering. #freeproduct #trywithtopbox

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