Nourishing Oils Meet Indulgent Fragrances
A Tropical Sensory Experience

NEW NIVEA Oil Infused Coconut & Monoi Oil Lotion

Discover the ultimate skin care experience with NIVEA Monoi Oil & Coconut Infused Lotion. Enriched monoi oil meets fast-absorbing coconut lotion for deep moisture and healthy-looking skin that's silky smooth.

Indulgent Scents

Find your fragrance and indulge yourself

Indulge in a unique sensory experience with NIVEA Oil Infused Body Lotions.

Coconut & Monoi oil lotion cares for your skin with deep nourishment and a light tropical scent, transporting you to a feeling of ultimate zen.

Vanilla & Almond oil has a rich and sweet aroma
and provides deep moisture while visibly
revitalizing your skin, for a pure moment of bliss.

Delicately fragrant, Cherry Blossom & Jojoba oil
 lotion deeply nourishes your skin
and treats you to a moment of relaxation.

Let Orchid & Argan oil soothe your dry skin
and its delicate fragrance melt away
the stress of your day. 

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Emma Courtney using NIVEA Oil Infused
Cheyenne using NIVEA Oil Infused
Person using NIVEA Oil Infused
Rosalie using NIVEA Oil Infused
Emma using NIVEA Oil Infused
Cheyenne using NIVEA Oil Infused


Discover this divine combination to care for your body while at home

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Coconut and monoi oil are must-haves for  body care with a little indulgence. Discover how these two ingredients completely transform your skin right at home.