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YOUR SKIN AT ITS BEST. Your skin deserves effective yet gentle care when it comes to making sure it’s calm and soothed after a long day out and about. Whether you like wiping away the day, easily removing heavy makeup or just refreshing your face in the evening so it can breathe, You can pick from our range of micellar waters, face washes, wipes, toners and eye makeup removers. Find the NIVEA face cleanser that best fits your needs.
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It’s not always easy to find a facial product that leaves your skin feeling amazing and perfectly clean after a hard day. That’s why the NIVEA face cleansing range offers a vast variety of cleansing face wipes, toners for all skin types and all sorts of other face cleansers. Discover our articles on facial cleansing and how to get more from your NIVEA face wipes and much more in our advice section.