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3 Steps to Help Normal Skin

If you’re lucky enough to have visibly soft, naturally bouncy skin with fine pores and a visibly radiant complexion — you probably have what’s labelled as “normal skin”. But even this low-maintenance skin type requires regular care to stay hydrated. When it comes to finding a face cream for normal skin, it’s always good to keep things uncomplicated — and NIVEA Essentials is a great place to start.

Cleanse + Tone

Light cleansers help normal skin thrive. Try 3-in-1 Biodegradable Wipes and Gentle Eye Make-up Remover to remove dirt + make-up, MicellAIR Micellar Water to gently soothe skin, Smooth Rice Scrub Normal Skin to unclog pores, and Refreshing Toner to remove residues and restore natural moisture balance.



Even though normal skin has naturally well-balanced moisture levels, you should still follow a daily care routine with a face cream for
normal skin like Refreshing Day Cream with SPF 15 + Night Cream to deeply moisturize in the AM, then replenish your skin's moisture
barrier while you sleep.



Get into a daily habit of cleansing + rehydrating to help your skin stay moisturized.

More tips for normal skin

How do I know if I have “normal skin”

Everyone has a different definition of normal. But when it comes to skincare products, “normal skin” is most commonly characterized by a complexion that’s not too dry, and not too oily, with a naturally bouncy touch that’s firm without feeling too tight. Radiant glow and fine pores are also hallmarks of normal skin. If you’re blessed with this naturally rosy complexion, then we suggest sticking to a simplified routine built around NIVEA Essentials to maintain your natural moisture levels.

How else can I help normal skin?

Beyond using a light face cream for normal skin, there’s plenty of other little things you can do in your daily life to improve the healthy hydration and appearance of your skin.

- Try to avoid prolonged exposure to really hot water in the shower.

- Follow a clean diet that’s rich in vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables.

- Maintain a daily care routine to cleanse and hydrate your skin, especially in cold weather seasons when the air gets dry.